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Teen Ambassadors Against Crime Leadership Program


We are currently accepting applications for our 2020-2021 program through October 15th. 

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Teen Ambassadors Against Crime 2016-2017 Participants

Teen Ambassadors Against Crime 2019-2020 Participants

Program Goals:

Crimestoppers Teen Ambassadors Against Crime (TAAC) Leadership Program will help students gain a better understanding of the criminal justice arena, including the role that students can and do play in community safety. The goal of the TAAC program is to give students an opportunity to directly engage with law enforcement and other community partners while becoming educated and empowered to serve as crime prevention role models in their schools and communities.

TAAC teaches students about the costs and consequences both personally and economically of crime, their rights and responsibilities as citizens, and their ability to bring about meaningful change through advocacy and service, while grooming them as future leaders who will leave a positive footprint in our community. Ambassadors will be challenged to address the "no snitch" culture and to foster the message of empowerment of our Safe School Program.

Interactive Hands-On Education

The TAAC program is designed to teach youth how to examine violence and law-related issues in the context of their schools and communities and how to apply what they learn to real-life circumstances. Students learn about the different types of crime, the costs and consequences of crime, conflict management strategies, how crime affects communities, and what community prevention programs and services are available to them. The program increases social responsibility in teens, educates them about the law, reduces their potential for victimization, and engages them in making their homes, schools, and communities safer.

Teen Ambassadors selected for 2021-2022 will have the opportunity to participate in:

• SWAT Leadership Course 
• Youth Peace Congress featuring professional speakers and community leaders.
• Engaging with Community Resources from local, state and federal agencies: Listen to and interact with guest speakers who are prominent members of the local crime prevention and criminal justice community
• Visit and interact with representatives from Forensics, Crime lab, Juvenile Detention Center, Crime Victims Advocate, New Orleans Family Justice Center, Special Operations Division (SOD), District Attorney's Office, Homicide Division and Narcotics
• Tour of Orleans Parish Prison and conversation with rehabilitated parolees.
• Networking for student internships and the opportunity to compete for a possible scholarship.
• Service learning projects where teens will apply what they have learned to help inform and inspire their peers to be involved in crime prevention

Get Involved with TAAC!

To learn more about our Teen Ambassadors Against Crime Leadership Program, and how you or your school can be involved for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact the Crimestoppers office by calling (504) 837-8477. You can also email one of our staff for more information:

President and CEO, Darlene Cusanza:


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