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The Crimestoppers Safe School Hotline seeks to ensure that middle and high school students in our 9 parish service area have a safe environment for studying and learning by making their school campuses safer.  The Safe School Hotline's main goal is to solve and prevent serious crimes by empowering students with a safe process to report information anonymously. We believe that students themselves are the best tool in keeping schools safe.  The way we inform students of the importance of being empowered against crime is by presentations to the students.

The Safe School Hotline was initiated in February 2004 after the shooting at John McDonough High School in select Orleans Parish high schools. Upon the close of 2004-2014 school years, Crimestoppers assisted school officials in solving over 300 campus crimes including the removal of guns and knives.

How The Program Works:

Crimestoppers Safe School Hotline (822-1111 or 1-877-903-STOP) is an anonymous telephone hotline students can use to provide information on crime. These crimes include but are not limited to: possession of guns or other dangerous weapons, possession of narcotics/alcohol, fights, extreme bullying, threats of terrorism, gang activity, robberies, sexual assaults, arson, battery, vandalism and bomb threats.

The Safe School Hotline is a secure telephone tipline, answered outside of the campus by a trained Crimestoppers operator. The information provided to the phone operator will be routed to the appropriate agent, whether it is the designated School Resource Officer, a Detective or a member of the school's personnel, such as the Principal or School Guidance Counselor.  At no time is the name of the caller disclosed.

Following the investigation, the report will be sent to Crimestoppers for the appropriate action. All of this will be done anonymously which means that the caller's identity will never be made known to police or school personnel. If the tip leads to the arrest of a suspect, confiscation of illegal drugs or a weapon, the caller will be eligible for a cash reward. The system used to communicate with tipsters for cash rewards will be the same as used by our parent program. This system has been used over the last 20 years with success. Our first and foremost goal is the safety of the tipster.

How To Contact The Crimestoppers Hotline:

The phone number is 822-1111 or 1-877-903-STOP.

Remember, your call remains secret. There is no caller I.D. We do not record conversations and your information is protected by a law statue R.S. 477.1 "Priveleged Communication to Crimestoppers."

Call In A Tip And Get A Cash Reward.

Callers who provide information which lead to administration action taken or an arrest of a suspect, confiscation of a weapon, narcotics or prevention of a planned act of violence are eligible for a cash reward.

How Rewards Are Paid.

Cash rewards of up to $2,500 (depending on the crime) are paid upon  administrative action taken by school administration and/or arrest and charging, not conviction.

Rewards are paid through a local bank. Callers are given a code number and are identified only be their code number. Payouts are made to that code number and are in cash.

The program will offer a standing reward of approximately $500 for Crimestoppers hotline tips leading to the apprehension of an individual in possession of a firearm on school campus and $1,000 for information leading to the apprehension of an individual in possession of a bomb, or leading to the apprehension and charging of an individual who has made a bomb threat.

Crimestoppers will pay a cash reward for information which leads to the arrest and charging of crimes on a school campus in areas such as:

  • Narcotics/Alcohol - possession, intent of distribution, selling or use of drugs
  • Weapons - guns, knives and other firearms
  • Vandalism - graffiti or malicious mischief
  • Violence - gang related and individual fights, assaults and threats
  • Arson - setting fires or conspiracy to commit
  • Bombs - possession, conspiracy or false report of a bomb threat
  • Other felony crimes including robbery, theft, rape, and burglary
  • Extreme forms of bullying
  • Threats of school terrorism

If you are a school administrator and would like to learn more about the Crimestoppers Safe School Hotline, please contact the Crimestoppers office at (504) 837-8477.

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