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Sergeant Jeffrey Vega

St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office Deputy of the Year!

Sgt. Jeffrey Vega

Why are you nominating this officer? How long have you worked with or supervised this officer?
I’m nominating Sgt. Jeffrey Vega for his service to his community, both professionally and personally. I’ve worked with Sgt. Vega at the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office for the past 26 years, and I have been his supervisor for the past nine years.

What positions has this officer held within your agency?
Sgt. Vega has worked as a corrections deputy at the parish jail, a School Resource Officer, a Street Crimes Unit member and a Crime Scene Investigator.

Under the specific qualifications cited in our qualifications, please provide example(s) of what has this officer done that merits their nomination?
Sgt. Vega is a 26-year veteran of law enforcement, a crime scene investigator and a Federal Bureau of Investigation Task Force Officer. He represents the qualities of honor, character, courage and commitment to community service.

In his spare time, Sgt. Vega donates his time to the St. Bernard Special Olympics and the St. Bernard Autism Krewe. He also serves a facilitator of the SBSO Help Me Home Program, a voluntary enrollment program for adults, parents and/or caregivers of individuals in St. Bernard Parish.

Is there a specific event which stands out that expresses how this officer has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist?
Sgt. Vega is not afraid of hard work. He is often the first to arrive on scenes, and the last to leave. He excels at coordinating and gathering intelligence from other local and national agencies, including police departments and other government agencies.  

Sgt. Vega worked along with our partners to develop a best practice for responding to calls where an individual maybe disabled. He is a true advocate for citizens with special needs.

How is this officer described by their peers?
Sgt. Vega is described by his peers as someone who is always willing to offer his help. He is known to be very resourceful, and will stay focused until the job at hand is done. He also is known for his advocacy for individuals in the community who have special needs. He is humble and a Silent Hero!

Please attach your Division Commander’s recommendation in support of this nomination.
Sgt. Vega’s commitment to serving his community is appreciated by his supervisors, including Col. Chad Clark, commander of the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

“Sgt. Vega was nominated for this award for his dedication to crime prevention, and the significant contributions he makes through the work he does with the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office and the FBI,” Col. Clark said. “He also is active in the community through advocacy for individuals with Autism and other special needs.”

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