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Sergeant Grant Candies

St. Tammany Sheriff’s Officer Deputy of the Year!

Sergeant Grant Candies, Criminal Patrol Division

Why are you nominating this officer? How long have you worked with or supervised this officer?
Sergeant Candies within one year saved the lives of two individuals on separate incidents. He has received letters of commendation from not only his supervisors, but from other departments as well in reference to his outstanding work ethic. He was recently promoted to sergeant in the Criminal Patrol Division and has been doing an outstanding job at his new position.

What positions has this officer held within your agency?
Deputy, Corporal, and Sergeant, all in the Criminal Patrol Division. Sergeant Candies has been in the patrol division for almost 8 years, 3 of which he has worked for Captain Williams in the 1 st District.

Under the specific qualifications cited in our qualifications, please provide example(s) of what has this officer done that merits their nomination?
In one year, Sergeant Candies was responsible for saving the lives of two individuals on separate incidents. He also was persistent with an investigation in reference to a stolen vehicle reported through another agency. With his determination and strong work ethic, he was able to locate the stolen vehicle and effect an arrest. This enabled the reporting agency to close their case, and enabled them to return the victim’s vehicle unharmed. See below for details on the above mentioned incidents.

Is there a specific event which stands out that expresses how this officer has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist?
Recently the supervisory staff for Deputy Candies’ team presented all deputies with an outline of their yearly individual stats (Arrest, Reports, Calls for Service, ETC.). This was intended to give each deputy a baseline to measure themselves and their progress. Deputy Candies acceded the shifts average in total reports, arrest, and calls for service. The supervisory staff reassured Deputy Candies’ work output was commendable yet he still desired to be better than “average”.

In addition to the previous stated statistics, Deputy Candies served as a Field Training Officer (F.T.O.) for the shift. From January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 Deputy Candies trained seven (7) recruits over the course of the year totaling eight hundred forty-three hours (843). The average hours trained for the entire Criminal Patrol Training Officers, was six hundred twenty hours (620), which Deputy Candies acceded by more than two hundred hours.

Deputy Candies commitment to the job and to see investigations through is impressive. There are too many examples to try to recognize each one, but to give some illustrations as to Deputy Candies’ motivation/drive refer to the example below:

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at 1415 hours, Sergeant Rickey Edwards received a text message from a Louisiana State Trooper in reference to details surrounding a stolen vehicle from Gulfport Police Department’s jurisdiction. Sergeant Edwards was provided with basic information (vehicle license plate, possible direction of travel, and vehicle’s general description). Additionally, Sergeant Edwards learned the vehicle had a firearm inside at the time of theft. The vehicle had not been entered into the NCIC database as stolen due to how recent the offense occurred (approximately 1312 hours) and that it was still being investigated by Gulfport P.D. Sergeant Edwards relayed the details to the shift via group text thread.

Deputy Candies utilized department resources (ALPR camera databases) at his disposal and was able to locate the vehicle within our agency’s jurisdiction. Deputy Candies displayed effective communication in alerting his teammates and Central Dispatch of his findings. Deputy Candies then relocated to the area in question in an effort of locating the vehicle. Deputy Candies discovered the vehicle had gotten onto I-12 from Highway 11 heading west. While keeping the information in mind that there was a firearm inside of the vehicle at the time of theft, Deputy Candies began coordinating with assisting units in establishing placement of personnel. Deputy Candies acknowledged the stop location needed to be in an area to safely stop as to minimize the possible risk of collateral damage to the public should the confrontation take a different direction. Deputy Candies stopped the vehicle at the I-12 off ramp intersecting with LA. Highway 434, Lacombe, LA. Deputy Candies was able to secure the driver into custody without incident. Deputy Candies’ investigation between himself and Gulfport P.D. confirmed the vehicle was stolen from their agency. Deputy Candies was able to obtain images from Gulfport P.D. depicting the driver as the suspect in question. As the investigation continued, deputies learned the vehicle was recovered in virtually the same condition as when it was taken, with all of its contents intact, to include the firearm.

It was because of Deputy Candies’ efforts, communication, and delegation of responsibilities the vehicle could be recovered in a timely manner. Subsequently the vehicle was returned to the owner at a marginal inconvenience relative to the offense. There are many other incidents that could be mentioned where Deputy Candies assisted other Divisions at the Sheriff’s Office as well as other law enforcement agencies. Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement officers have complimented Deputy Candies’ work ethic on numerous occasions.

How is this officer described by their peers?
There are many incidents that could be mentioned where Sergeant Candies assisted other Divisions at the Sheriff’s Office as well as other law enforcement agencies. Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement officers have complimented Deputy Candies’ work ethic on numerous occasions.

Sergeant Candies always seeks to assist the deputies on the shift in any way he can. Often times his teammates will reach out to him for advice and direction due to his vast knowledge of this job.

Has this officer received other awards or citations for outstanding service?
Sergeant Candies will be recognized by the Agency for the below life saving incidents.

On Monday, March 13, 2023 at approximately 2107 hours, Deputy Grant Candies was dispatched to 1438 Barbara Drive, Slidell in reference to a disturbance/hit and run investigation. Upon Deputy Candies’ arrival to the incident location, he discovered an elderly white male had sustained severe trauma to his lower right leg. The subject suffered critical blood loss because of the injury. As Deputy Candies evaluated the situation, he noted another person on scene attempted to stop the bleeding, however the flow of blood was not affected. Deputy Candies quickly assessed the injured party, observing he needed more advanced medical treatment, but did not have an estimated time of arrival for EMS. Deputy Candies made the decision to apply his department issued tourniquet to the subject’s leg, subsequently hindering the gushing blood from the mutilated limb. The patient was transported directly to University Hospital in New Orleans, LA. due to the extent of the subject’s injuries. Had Deputy Candies not displayed his quick reaction and resorted back to his training, the outcome of the subject’s life might have been different.

On Friday, March 31, 2023 at approximately 1224 hours, Deputy Grant Candies responded to 60228 Bryan Road, Slidell in reference to an unresponsive female. While still en route to the address, Central Dispatch reported an update that on scene subjects had begun rendering lifesaving measures (CPR). Upon Deputy Candies arrival, he quickly conducted an assessment of the female party and interviewed subjects present at the residence. Deputy Candies learned the female had recently returned to the residence where she collapsed and her physical condition started to deteriorate. Additionally, Deputy Candies was informed by subjects on scene, the female was a known abuser of illicit narcotics (specifically heroin). After Deputy

Candies’ evaluation, he realized the female was in medical distress suffering from an apparent opioid overdose. Deputy Candies noted the female was not showing any signs of life (no palpable pulse or indicated respiration). Deputy Candies recognized the window of opportunity was closing for the subject to receive medication to counteract the effects of the suspected opioid. Deputy Candies exited the residence and ran to his unit where he retrieved department issued Narcan, then relocated back to where the female subject was laying. Deputy Candies administered a single dose of Narcan via the intranasal method. Once the female received the full dose, she immediately took a deep gasp and began breathing on her own. Deputy Candies stayed with the subject until the arrival for EMS. Deputy Candies briefed EMS personnel on the efforts he made, then turned the scene over to them who provided further treatment. Ultimately, the female was transported to a local medical facility’s emergency room for continued care. Had Deputy Candies not displayed his quick reaction and resorted back to his training, the outcome of the subject’s life might have been different. (Recognition for acts of heroism or bravery: preserving or protecting human life with or without exposing oneself to danger; outstanding service to the community; involvement in the furtherance of crime prevention; voluntary service and exemplary acts.)

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