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Detective Gregory Donald

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy of the Year!

Detective Gregory Donald

Why are you nominating this officer? How long have you worked with or supervised this officer?
Detective Donald is being nominated due to his dedication, work ethic and professionalism. 

I have supervised Detective Donald for 5 years.

What positions has this officer held within your agency?
Patrol Deputy and Narcotics Detective

Under the specific qualifications cited in our qualifications, please provide example(s) of what has this officer done that merits their nomination?
Detective Donald has a sense of confidence, without being boastful.  He works hard every day, quietly accomplishing more than many detectives with much more time on the job. He displays the leadership characteristics of someone older, wiser and with more time in law enforcement. He has a way of directing activity on a scene without many of his colleagues realizing that he is doing so.  He is subtle rather than flamboyant, a sign of a true leader.  Detective Donald is obviously self-motivated and his energy serves to motivate those working with him.  Detective Donald's dedication to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Jefferson Parish is exceptional.  He not only performs his regular duties in an exceptional fashion, but he is available at a moment's notice to respond to the needs of any investigation, whether he is on-duty or off-duty, while at the same time managing his own caseload.   It is obvious to all around him that Detective Donald has dedicated his life to law enforcement.  He is a credit to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Jefferson Parish.  It would be an honor to see him recognized for this award.

Is there a specific event which stands out that expresses how this officer has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist?
In November  2023, Detective Gregory Donald was notified of an overdose medical roll of a two year old infant, which occurred in Waggaman. Upon arrival, Detective Donald learned that the infant had overdosed on fentanyl that the child ingested at the residence. Detective Donald interviewed the infant’s mother and during that interview, the father, arrived on scene. Upon his arrival, it was determined that he had already removed property from within the residence prior to police arrival. As the investigation progressed, it was learned that he also had an outstanding warrant out of Jefferson Parish and was placed under arrest. At that time, Detective Donald seized the cellular phones for further investigation into the infant overdosing.  

Search warrants were obtained revealing text messages between parties confirming that while EMS was working to save the infant, one adult located the narcotics and hid the narcotics in a container in the residence, however, it was clear to Detective Donald that those narcotics were already removed. During the investigation, Detective Donald knew that as recently as November  2023, the suspect was frequenting at a  nearby home. It was at that time that Detective Donald began to believe that the illicit narcotics were moved to that location.  A search warrant was executed at that location, however, there were no illicit narcotics seized, but an assault rifle was seized along with photographs of illicit narcotics.

Due to Detective Donald confirming through text messages that evidence was concealed to assist the second suspect in evading law enforcement, Detective Donald re-located to Children's Hospital New Orleans to interview said suspect regarding the text message and the resulting actions leading to the involvement in the obstruction of justice by hiding evidence. During the interview, they admitted to hiding the illicit narcotics. As a result of the investigation, both suspects were placed under arrest for possession of a schedule II CDS, fentanyl and cocaine, obstruction of Justice, illegal use of a firearm with a CDS, distribution of a CDS in the presence of a person under 17, second degree cruelty to a juvenile and improper supervision by a parent or guardian.

On Thursday, November -- 2023, Detective Donald was determined to locate the illicit narcotics that led to the infant overdosing; therefore, Detective Donald reviewed jail calls made by said suspects and learned that they moved the illicit narcotics from his residence to another residence.  A search warrant for that location was obtained leading to the seizure of 1,317 grams of cocaine, 28 grams of fentanyl, 130 grams of marijuana and a firearm.

The actions displayed by Detective Donald during this investigation resulted in the seizure of a large quantity of fentanyl, cocaine and firearms. With the significant quantity of illicit narcotics seized, the likelihood for additional deaths and overdose investigations in Jefferson Parish and neighboring parishes was foreseeable, however, due to Detective Donald's persistence and dedication to the citizens of Jefferson Parish, the likelihood of that occurring came to an end.  

How is this officer described by their peers?
Detective Donald is recognized by his peers as a highly respected law enforcement officer. 

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