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Deputy Michael Kinler

St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy of the Year!

Deputy  Michael Joseph Kinler

Why are you nominating this officer? How long have you worked with or supervised this officer?
Dy. Michael Kinler exhibits honor, humility, service, integrity, courage, and compassion in his interactions with his coworkers and the citizens.  In October of 2023, there was a specific incident where Dy. Kinler risked his own safety to save the life of another person.

Dy. Kinler joined the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) on March 29, 2021, and is still currently employed.  He was previously employed with SCSO from May 7, 2018 – February 17, 2019.

Under the specific qualifications cited in our qualifications, please provide example(s) of what has this officer done that merits their nomination?
Heroic Acts of Service – Dy. Kinler saved the life of a child while risking his own personal safety (see below for the specific event).  Additionally, after the rescue, instead of going home to change, he rushed back to the training class he was originally traveling to because he was concerned about leaving his fellow officers short for the training.

Is there a specific event which stands out that expresses how this officer has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist?
On October 17th, 2023, Deputy Michael Kinler was off-duty and travelling to an in-service training class in St. John Parish, when he responded to a call for service relative to a woman in mental health crisis. Deputy Kinler observed a frantic male subject on Airline Highway standing next to the vehicle in question. The vehicle then sped away and ultimately entered the water off of US 61 and began taking on water. Seeing that the vehicle was drifting and sinking, Deputy Kinler then quickly entered the water, sacrificing his own personal safety to recover a one-year-old child secured in a child safety seat. Deputy Kinler recovered the child and returned to shore while witnesses recovered the woman in crisis.

Additionally, once everyone was safe, Deputy Kinler briefed responding officers of what had transpired and asked if he could be dismissed because he did not want to leave Lieutenant Shuff short on role players for in-service training. Deputy Kinler’s dedication and loyalty to this agency and service to the community is outstanding and second to none.

Deputy Kinler’s actions are commendable. He risked his own personal safety to ensure the safety of a child.

How is this officer described by their peers?
Dy. Michael Kinler selflessly acted to save the life of another person.  His actions during and after the rescue exemplify his service to the community, bravery, integrity and compassion for others. 

Has this officer received other awards or citations for outstanding service? 
Dy. Kinler was awarded with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Distinguished Service Valor Award for this incident as well as the VFW Valor Life Saving Award.

What positions has this officer held within your agency?
Deputy in Patrol (January 9, 2023 - Present)
Deputy in Corrections (March 23, 2021 – January 8, 2023;

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